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Ghost Show Details!

The shows are historical, factual, educational, sensational, and chilling.
The authentic ante-bellum scenery and southern storytelling completely
transports audiences into another world.

Click here for reviews of the show!
Click here for
reviews of the show!
The ghost of Alice Flagg mesmerizes the audience!
The ghost of Alice Flagg mesmerizes the audience!
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"Family-friendly...with ticket prices under $10, it'll be the biggest and most enjoyable bargain of your trip."

-P. Beckham

Click here for a preview!
Click here for a preview!
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The audience enjoying our ghost show!
The audience enjoying our ghost show!

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Survive a hurricane with the ghostly 'Gray Man'!
Hear the ghost of 'Alice' tell a chilling tale about her lost ring!
Meet Blackbeard, the most famous pirate ever to sail our coastline!

The Ghosts and Legends Theatre

Experience the most stunning presentation of Low Country story telling ever, and take home an understanding of why the South Carolina coast is called 'The most haunted place in the world!'

"Unless you've seen the show at Ghosts and Legends, you really can't say you've experienced Myrtle Beach." R.Lowell, Ohio. The show introduces you to Alice Flagg (one of the most well-known ghosts of the Grand Strand), Blackbeard the pirate, a former plantation slave's recollections of a low country monster- The Boo Hag! and finally, the Gray Man -probably the most famous specter of the coast, who will warn you of a coming storm as a Category Four hurricane shakes the theatre!

A latern mysteriously levitates!
A latern mysteriously levitates!

The ghost of Sunny Jim plays his banjo
The ghost of Sunny Jim plays his banjo

Additional shows are offered for special interest groups on a reservation only basis. They introduce you to Francis Marion -the renowned patriot sometimes referred to as the 'Swamp Fox', the Stone Crab Boy- that describes life as a young slave child growing up near the ocean, and a confrontation with one of the most unusual monsters known to locals -The Plateye. The spirit of Dr. Henry Tucker of Litchfield Plantation also visits with audience members to recall tales of rice fields and administering to the sick.

These stories are particularly suited for school groups, tour groups and others wishing for a more in-depth look into the history of the Grand Strand and it's folklore.

The stories are told by the spirits themselves, as they manifest themselves to you in various forms. Objects move under their force, as their voices travel around you throughout the plantation parlor room. Look out over the rice fields and witness the most beautiful low country sunsets, along with the most devastating hurricanes.

Ghosts and Legends of the Grand Strand is an experience like no other. You will become enlightened while being entertained, and you may even be moved by some of the spirits' incredible tales. Most of all, you will become a part of our southern heritage of storytelling, hearing and then undoubtedly sharing the wonderful tales with others afterwards. As the spirits plea: "Take us with you."

And don't forget about the moon light ghost walks in the evenings!

For more information about the theatre and it's creation, click HERE.

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Wheelchair Accessible

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