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Myrtle Beach Ghost Walk

Don't miss the fun! Advance purchase of Ghost Walk tickets is highly recommended! We can guarantee your space and your tickets will be waiting for you in our Ghost Shop when you arrive.

Hear about the day Dr. Flagg caught a real mermaid! Shiver to the gruesome demise of the Stone Crab Boy! Witness the spirit flames of the SeeWee Indians! -And MORE!

Enjoy moonlit excursions led by entertaining and knowledgeable guides! The Myrtle Beach Ghost Walk departs at dusk. Hear 13 chilling tales on this spooky adventure, which lasts approximately an hour and a half. Reservations are highly recommended and group size is limited. Explore the haunted swamps of Gauses Inlet, where alligators and the ghosts from long ago still reside. But don't come alone!

After you have enjoyed the show at Ghosts and Legends Theatre (featuring the four MOST famous ghosts of the Grand Strand!), embark on a journey to hear the 'other' fantastic tales!

Click here for a preview!
Click here for a preview!
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1. Cash or Charge at the Ghosts and Legends ticket counter. See the Directions page.

2. Call us at: (843) 361-2700 and use a major credit card.

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Myrtle Beach Ghost Walk

Myrtle Beach Ghost Walk

Myrtle Beach Ghost Walk

Myrtle Beach Ghost Walk

Myrtle Beach Ghost Walk

Helpful Tips!

We want our guests to make the most of this unique experience. By considering the following tips, you will be able to make smart preparations for an optimal evening!

* The Ghost Walk operates rain or shine. Dress appropriately for the season and weather.

* This is a walking tour. Wear comfortable walking shoes.

* Parking during certain months can be a challenge. Please pick up tickets at the theatre at least one hour before tour departs.

* Bring your CAMERA! You could get paranormal photographs! (See below!)

*Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on the Ghost Walk.

Myrtle Beach Ghost Walk

To keep our tours personalized, we limit the size of groups per tour guide. Please reserve your space early because the Myrtle Beach Ghost Walk is often sold out.

Seasonal Schedule for the Myrtle Beach Ghost Walk

Ghost Walks occur in the evenings, around dusk. Departure times vary with the season, so please contact theatre for specifics.

Note: The Ghosts and Legends Show is performed every date except Christmas. If the Myrtle Beach Ghost Walk is sold out on a particular night, please enjoy this spirited show in it's place!


We do not know what orbs truly are. They do seem to be found mainly in areas where there is a history of ghostly activity. Ghost orb photographs can be found all over the internet and we have some of our own here to share with you. For the past several years and to the present, guests of the Myrtle Beach Ghost Walk continue to capture photographs in which this phenomenon occurs. Different people, different cameras, different film, different lenses and weather conditions, but all similar orbs. The location in which the majority appear is about half way through the Ghost Walk.

If you have a spooky photo or story to share about your experiences with us at Ghosts and Legends, we'd love to hear from you! Your lucky photo might end up here! Click here to submit your photos

These photos were taken by myself and my son while on the ghost walk in August. At first I thought the brighter ones were something shining in the parking lot (across the swamp) so I zoomed up closer; and the one you can actually make out a face! This was totally awesome! I was surprised to find an orb inside the house of blues. -Dee H.

Ghost orb photographs

Ghost orb photographs

Ghost orb photographs

Click here for more Ghostly Orb Photos!

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Wheelchair Accessible

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We accept all major credit cards!

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